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It's 1961, the Scarabs have been sold to new owners in the Midwest and the Cobra project is still fulminating in the mind of Carroll Shelby.  In the interim, California road courses are dominated by Maserati Type 61 "Birdcages" and Jurassic-era V8 powered Specials.  The photos on this site document an age when the power source was still in front, and giants like Bill Krause, Bob Drake, Ken Miles and others ruled West Coast racing.  At least they seemed like giants to me, at 13. 

Who's that goofy-looking kid (me at 13) standing by Ed Leslie's Lotus 20 in front of the old Leslie Motors in Monterey? 

I'd received a Voigtlander Bessa I medium format camera for my birthday and I used it to take photos at California sports car races between July, 1961, and April, 1962.  I've carefully saved these treasured possessions over the decades.

In July, 2000, old friend and 427 Cobra racer Mac Archer convinced me to create a website to share  these photos with the world.. Over the years, other photographers have contributed their work to the site, seen below in the sections for "1950s Racing" and "1960s Racing".  

"My Photos..." below includes my recent photography from today's historic racing events. 

"Tam's old race site is loaded with cool pics of some of the most classic cars that us auto glass guys love! --- The SunTec Team at"

New Book!
Weekend Heroes -- 2  (Three volume set!)
(5-19-20)   Exquisitely documents the history of California sports car racing in the 1950s.   From Will Edgar:  "The highest degree of excellence throughout each of the three books! Each are splendid in every way! Tony Adriaensens has created a masterpiece in text and photographs of the period's history made so vivid you can see, hear, and feel it on every page."

Unknown MG Special

(4-1-20)  From Tazio Ottis:   "I am trying to help a friend who recently acquired a car. It was owned and raced by a John Folkendt from Stockton CA. It appears to be an MG special of some sort and is titled a 1955."

Mike Fuchs' Ambro Bodied "Mystery Car" 
12-29-19:     Mike Fuchs is looking for info on the early history of his Ambro bodied Chevy V8 Special.
"Motorsports Challenge" Photographs
November 4-15  2019

12-6-19:  "Motorsports Challenge" Photographs.   Photographers were "Challenged" to post ten shots each that were important to them (On Facebook).   I  went nuts and posted fifteen.  Then I added one more just for fun.   Click on car above to see them!

"CSRG "Charity Challenge"  
Oct. 5-6 2019
12-6-19:     CSRG "Charity Challenge" photos & webpages posted!

"Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion"  
August 16-18  2019

11-17--2019:     Photos and webpages from this year's "Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion are all "Up".  Commentary & educational links added!
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Now Available!  Randall Cannon & Michael Gerry's new book: "Stardust International Raceway -- Motorsports Meets the Mob"
Do you have racing photos from the 1950s-60s hidden away in a shoebox  that you'd like to see posted here?  Please email me!
Tam's Original Photos!

This section features original photos of California racing shot by Tam McPartland in 1961 and 1962.

Photos of 1950s Racing!

This section features photos of 1950s racing contributed to the website by other photographers.

Photos of 1960s Racing!

This section features photos of 1960s racing contributed to the website by other photographers.

Mystery Cars  (4)!

Owners post here seeking info on their unusual, sometimes weird, always interesting automobiles.

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