Whatizzit?  Mystery Cars in Spectator Area   (#2)

A Maserati but I'm not familar with the model.   If you can ID this car:  Please email me!

(11-28-14)   From Diedrich Dasenbrock:

"1954 Maserati A6G/54 Allemano Coupe"

(11-29-14)  More from Diedrich:

"The A6G/54 was the street version of the A6GCS race car, made from 54 to 56-57 with bodies by most of the italian coach builders of the day… Vignale, Pinin Farina, Frua, Allemano and Zagato, the majority being Allemano Coupes…the next most numerous were the Zagatos which were lightweights mostly used for racing… I'm thinking a total production of 80-90??

Apparently wonderful cars to drive and all of them beautiful.  There was a nice selection at Pebble Beach this year, all of which unfortunately didn't go on the tour, which was the only part I saw".

(11-29-14)  More frm Diedrich:

"I just had lunch in company with a few Maserati books so I can correct some of my previous message… A6G/54 and A6G-2000 seem to be used interchangeably naming the same series of cars built between 1954 and 1956, 65 cars total.  21-7 by Zagato, 21 Allemano and 16 by Frua…naturally these numbers don't quite add up, but this is Maserati after all! Chassis #s seemed to be more of a convenience than a record… The Vignale & Pinin Farina cars seem to be on A6GCS chassis…Anyway a Maserati A6G/54 Allemano Coupe is the very essence of a stylish & chic 50's italian GT car!"