Bill Hinshaw -- 2

More of Bill's photos and memories.

"Forrest Tyndall's experimental Porsche 3-wheeler finishing the (what year?) RDC Enduro at Cotati under its own power and 2nd in class, I think. 

Yours truly at the helm with David Love, Forrest's nephew (?), and Forrest himself providing ballast."

"First lap traffic at the Cal Club Laguna, Fall 1958.  Ron Bucknum and Lew Spencer already gone by, myself in #295 followed closely by Ed Leslie, then see who you can name....Bert Smeeden in the 100-6, Bob O'Brien in the RHD Healey 100, Rick Hilgers in Morgan #0, Jack Dalton in the MGA Twincam #166, John Schonle, I think, in the Arnolt-Bristol, Bob Tara in the Morgan Drophead, Charlie Adams in the #57 Porsche Speedster (later my #195 ? #90), Bill Chapman in the Morgan going inside Tara's Drophead... Who else can anybody name?" 
"Minden/Gardnerville airport, 1958 --- Bob Tara, Bill Chapman, and me...  Headed into:"
"Trouble.  Anybody know who it is?"

From Richard "Dick" Flener  (9-23-04)

"As I was cruising thru the net today, I accidently came across your site and an old Bill Hinshaw photo taken around '56 of a Healey all crossed up in a turn in front of 3 more directional drivers with a caption of, " trouble? Anyone know who it was?" 

Well, if the pic was taken at Buchanan Field in '56, I can tell you who it was.  It was ME.  I had purchased McLaughlin's Healey from BMC after he had pranged it a bit and BMC had to repo it, just turned 21 and was dying to show off my driving "skills".  The car was ivory and maroon. number 162 and Buchanan was my novice race.  I managed to spin completely several times that day (the rules were much more lenient then) and still come in 3rd in class.  This was the beginning of 2 years of pleasure for me and a lasting comradeship with George Snively.  Hope this is of some use to someone."

 Best regards, Richard "Dick" Flener

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