Bob Bondurant 

was a top southern California Corvette driver in 1961.  He, along with Corvette rival Dave MacDonald, went on to greater success with Carroll Shelby's Cobras

Images of Bondurant's Cobra career.

Dennis Gray's "Sports Car Digest" interview with Bondurant.

On March 22-23 2013 Bondurant will be honored at the annual "Legends of Riverside" event held at the Riverside International Automotive Museum.

Today (at age 80!) , Bob operates the elite Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bondurant at Santa Barbara, September 2-3, 1961.  He won the Corvette race on Saturday, but a protest revealed an illegal flywheel.  On Sunday he finished 4th in the main event for modified cars.

For a detailed history of Corvette racing in California read Michael Antonick's "California Screamin".

Bondurant at Pomona, July 8-9, 1961.  He finished 2nd to MacDonald here.
At The Riverside Grand Prix on October, 14-15 1961, Bondurant ran 3rd early in the "Consolation Race", but failed to qualify his   "Production" Corvette for the Grand Prix. 

Note custom wheels.

"Monterey Historics"  Event Chairman Steve Earle now owns this car and cpmpetes with it in historic racing events.

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