Bob Harris Today  -- Serious Injuries but no Nursing Home
Bedsores for Bob Harris

From Bob's son Raider Harris: 

"This is my dad at at age 84 (He's 85 now) this last summer racing flat track motorcycles. He's already won a few trophies, and he's been told that he's the oldest man in the United States that races dirt track. He's having a blast! 

This is about two hours before a major crash, which ended him up in the trauma unit of Fresno Community Hospital. A rider went down right in front of him at 70 mph. He
clipped the guys front wheel, and flipped end over end down the track. 

He suffered broken ribs, bruised lung, sprained knee, ankle and neck. Laid up for three weeks. He's now fully recovered, and has had three races since." "Oftentimes people Bob Harris' age don't bounce back from traumatic injuries so easily. Being laid up for weeks at a time could potentially cause an elderly person to develop bedsores and may even mean a nursing home stay if their medical condition does not improve."

(12-1-15)  From TM:  I haven't heard that Bob Harris has passed on, so we can hope that this amazing man is still chugging along at 90+)

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