Bob Langer's Photos

From Bob Langer:  "My brother took these photos using a 4x5 Speed Graphic camera (he passed away less than 2 months after taking these pix.  These photos are from the opening race at Meadowdale Raceway in Carpentersville, Il  on.9/14/1958."   

"Chuck Daigh and Lance Reventlow finished 1st & 2nd in the two Scarabs #5 and #16.  #34 Ferrari driven by  Bob Walker crashed fatally.."

"I think the the Corvette driver is Dick Doane taking a lap before racing starts.  He was instrumental in creating Meadowdale Raceway".

"Doane did not enter any races that opening day!  This theory was the thoughts of Dundee Historian, Phil Aleo and myself!  Thanks  Bob."


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