"Bremen Bucket"   Borgward Special     (4-2-22)
From Bobby Green:  "I recently picked up a vintage road racer that's been hiding away for decades and I'd love to find more historical photos.  I thought I would share with you what I have and if you ever come across more, please send them my way. "

More from Bobby "The "Bremen Bucket" was built in El Paso Texas in the late 1950s using the remains of a wrecked Borgward race car."    (History of Borgward.)
"Jim Cassidy was the builder and built several cars for John Bull Motors throughtout the '50s/'60s.  Jim was heavily involved with the creation of the Carrera Panamericana race when the Pan-American highway was built.  He also built a MG Special known as the "Cassidy Special" or "John Bull Special" and raced in the Mexico race."

"Anyway, here’s pics of the Bremen Bucket.. Jim raced the car in the late 50’s in Texas, Oklahoma & Mexico.  He sold the car to someone in California and they raced it in Cali in the early 60’s.  The car eventually rolled and ended up in a wrecking yard in Moss Landing near Monterey.  I’m not sure who owned and raced it here in California, I’m still hunting down information."  

If you have photos or info on this beautiful & unusual car:   Please email me!