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John Brophy's son John Paul was interested in photos of his father's racing career, so I looked through my archives.  I found two more images of Brophy Sr. driving his Devin SS in 1961.

Brophy rounds Turn 3 at Santa Barbara, Sept. 2-3, 1961.

He finished 7th.

Brophy in Turn 1 during the event held at Stead AFB, near Reno,  Sept. 23-24, 1961.  He finished 5th.

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Ron Cummings remembers this car:

"The Brophy Devin was originally powered by a Jaguar motor. Art Evans, the Devin SS distributor, raced the car with the Jag motor before selling it to Brophy.  Art told me that he sold it to Brophy after a period of time that the car sat unsold. Brophy had the Chevrolet conversion done. The car was the original prototype hence the Jag power plant. I have only seen two SS's with right hand drive and this car was always set up that way.

I wonder if Max Balchowsky did the conversion?"

From Art Evans:

"Re:  My car that I sold to Brophy.    Yes, I raced it originally with my Jag engine that I had taken out of my production XK120; it had a C-Type head.  Actually, we did the Chev conversion at the Devin plant in El Monte.  We were loaned the engine from a Chev dealer and then took it out before the sale to Brophy, who put in his own engine.  I don't remember the car sitting around unsold." 

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