Chuck Tannlund -- 1

Chuck was one of the best of the Northern California drivers in Class "G" Modified in 1961.  He drove Pru Baxter's Lotus Mk.11 and often battled Art Snyder and others in this hotly contested class

Chuck and Art Snyder in the corkscrew at Laguna Seca.  Pete Biro's fine photo captures the intensity of the competition.
Chuck describes the race:

"The race with Art Snyder at Laguna was my best win.  Art and I left the pack (including Frank Monise, John Timanus, Ron Hathaway, et al) in the dust with Art leading almost the whole race until the last lap.  I was able to sneak by, take the lead, and set a new lap record."

Snyder leads Chuck out of Laguna Seca's old Turn 9.    (Photo by Lester Nehamkin)
More from Chuck about this race:

"The epic race between myself ? Art was on Saturday, June 9th, 1961. On Sunday, I had the lead, but the Climax lost a valve early in the race. I think Ron (Hathaway) or John (Timanus) went on to win."

Chuck and Art go at it again.  This time at Santa Barbara, September 2-3, 1961.
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