Rodger Ward -- 4.4 Ferrari 121LM  (1)

Another view of the unloved 4.4 liter six-cylinder Ferrari #0484LM

Rodger Ward drove this car for Bob Sorrell Enterprises at the 1959 L.A. Times Grand Prix, held at Riverside Raceway on October 11, 1959.   Your webmaster guesses this is Riverside rather than Pomona because the car is on a grassy hillside and not the flat pavement of Pomona.

(1-14-09)   From German author and historian Andreas Dziedzic:

"#163 appeared at Riverside on October 9/10, 1959. Rodger Ward didn't qualify in Bill Sorrell's 121 LM, missing by only 7/100 of a second. The next morning a Consolation race was held, a 10-lapper, won by Ward giving him the opportunity to start  the Times GP. Irony of fate, he was eliminated in the same start line melee together with Dan Gurney and Jack Graham."

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