Laguna Seca -- Old Turn 1

Mixed bag of Pacific Grand Prix sports/racers and Formula Juniors head for Turn 1.  Interesting are the differences between the Laguna Seca of 1960 and the race course today

Also of interest are the spectator cars.  I see a Renault Caravelle, a Studebaker Lark, a Hudson; and what is the blue GT convertible parked between the Lark and the 300-SL roadster?

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(2-5-11)   From John Lucke:

Absolutely great photos! Amazing detail and color on the Birdcage engine and chassis.  I believe the blue GT is either a Ferrari 250 or Maserati 3500.  It looks as though there is a Gullwing under the cover down the row.
Reminds me very much of the Fall 1968 parking lot where we followed a 250 GTO out of the track!"

(2-7-11)   Diedrich Dasenbrock:

"Looks like a Frua-bodied Maserati A6GCS to me."

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