Holynski Formula Libre

Dave Olson brought the 1962 Holynski Formula Libre car to Sears Point in 2001.

Olson exits Turn 7 in the Chevy-powered monster, a precursor to the later Formula 5000 cars.

It was built for the USAC Formula Libre event held at Indianapolis Raceway Park in 1962.

The original builder also planned to enter the car at the Pike's Peak hillclimb and even the Indy 500.

John Burnham's Cooper leads Olson in the scary Auto Union-like Holynski.  Sunday winner Skip Streets in the agile #21 Mallock prepares to dart past on Olson's right.

I'd never heard of the Holynski before.   As an early mid-engined V8 powered racer it ranks with Zora Arkus- Duntov's CERV 1, the Sadler Mk.V, and Bob Harris' Campbell Special.

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