Ken Miles MG Special R1 -- Gets Service

Is this a very young-looking Ken Miles adjusting something on his Special?  The man's hawk-like nose kind of looks like Miles' famous and distinctive beak.

1-8-08  From Gary Horstkorta:  "I'm pretty certain that the fellow bending over the R-1 is NOT Miles.  The prominent nose is similar but not "hawkish" enough and the rest of the facial features do not look like Miles.  I have a photo of Miles here on my office wall and he doesn't look like the fellow in the photo."

1-9-08  From Paul House:  I've just been enjoying the excellent pictures from the Nichols collection.  I especially like the Miles Spl. pictures. The one which says "MG Special Gets Service" doesn't look like Ken Miles to me. I think it could be one of his mechanics who help build the car either Lorenz Melvold or Arne Bjerkli.  I wonder if those guys are still alive?"

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