Bish Hines -- Elva Mk.III

I originally mis-ID'd this car as an OSCA.  Knowledgeable Elva guys stepped up and enlightened me.                                                                                                                  (Photo by Joe Gregory)

(8-5-11)   From Axel Schmidt:

"I just want to note, that the red car is a Elva Mk.III, not an OSCA. I can't tell you something about the driver though."

(8-22-11)   From Elva racer Bob Engberg:

"The red car at Giant's Despair is a 1958 Elva Mk.III. A similar-looking car with its non-factory front air inlet was raced at the time by James Forno so I suspect it is his car. Stan Mason now owns a Mk.III with a somewhat similar front." 

(8-23-11)   More from Bob Engberg:

"The owner of the Mk.III is Bish Hines, who had the car at the GD races in July, 1962."

(8-24-11)   From Stan Mason of "Ecurie Elva":

"The red car at the 1959 Giant Despair Hill Climb is an Elva Mk.III Sports Racer chassis number 100/66.  It is easy to identify this Elva Mk.III (I have 100/65) of the 15 that were built because of the unique carb intake hole in the bonnett.  James Forno is listed as driver."

(8-27-11)   From Chris Van de Wiele 

"Everybody is right, but compare this photo with the E-Type photo, you will notice both shots are the same place / same day. 

The production of the E-Type started in 1961, so this Giantís Despair must be 1961 up to 1963, and it was Bish Hines (here at the wheel) who raced this Elva 100/66 from 1961 until 1963.  Best regards from Belgium."

(8-29-11)   From Bob Engberg:

"Elva historian Stan Mason is right that James Forno raced his Elva Mk.III at Giant's Despair in 1959 sporting number 171. A photo of Forno at  the '59 Giant's Despair is in the new Elva book and at Barcboy's. Since there are two other photos dated 1961-63, it is presumably a 1962 photo we are looking at and at that time Bish Hines was racing the car. Hines is listed as being at Giant's Despair in October. I'll bet a rebuilt Coventry Climax motor on it!"

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