Gino Munaron's 80th Birthday Celebration  (1)

Website visitor Giorgio Gotti of Parma, Italy, sent these photos of Gino Munaron's  80th birthday celebration.  It was organized by Scuderia Italia and Scuderia Parma Auto Storiche and held on April 21, 2001. 

From Giorgio:  "The schedule of the day was: 1) Exibition in piazza Duomo.  2) Celebration of Munaron in an historic palace near the Duomo.  3) Commemoration of "Parma-Poggio di Berceto" old hillclimb race.  4) Dinner.

Munaron, veteran of many Mille Miglias and Targa Florios, sits behind the wheel of beautiful Ferrari 500TR sports/racer #0638 MDTR, owned by Dr. Ercole Pelizziari of Parma, Italy.  (I love the ancient-looking cobblestones at the Piazza Duomo in Parma. TM)
Munaron tries out the cockpit of a very pretty, very red, and very sleek-looking OSCA.
From Giorgio:  "Munaron is kissing the '56 GT for the photographer -- later he signed this photo for me."
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