Heiner Reinhardt's Miller-PBS H-Modified

From Heiner Reinhardt:  "I own a Miller Racecar with PBS engine for the last 19 years here in Germany, but now I need a Racecar-logbook for the car to race it at Classic-Events in Germany."

"The DMSB (FIA)  wants to know if the car made an international sportscar race in the USA and on which track at what event."
"The car was built by Don Miller in 1964 (Chassis Nr. 02-64) and some years later it became the body of  the PBS MK 4."
"The last owner was Mr. Anthony de los Reyes from Los Angeles, California, who raced the car in the 70s, but he doesn’t know anything of the car's history in the 60s."

"The vehicle Log Book from the SCCA has the Number 19-357 from 5/13/72.  The known owners are from 1972 Mr. Jared Ratcliff, from 1976 Mr. Gerald van Maurik, and from 1987 Tony Reyes." 

"If somebody has old pictures or a program of an international race with this car in it, where can I get a copy of it?"

(8-26-13)    From Stephan Collisi:  

"Hi, I'm Stephan from Germany and a racer myself.  You can follow my racing activities and find out more about Miller cars."

If you can help Mr. Reinhardt and Mr. Collisi verify the racing history of this car: Please email me!

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