From Joe Breeze:  "Cover of Road and Track, 1952. Russ Kelly leads Bill Breeze*, both in Cooper 500 Formula III Grand Prix cars**, at Pebble Beach. "                     (Photo by Jerry Chesebrough)

*  The program (shown in Art Evans' "Pebble Beach Remembered" pg.64) indeed names Russ Kelly as the driver of the #4 Cooper Mk.V, but has Joseph Esherick as the driver of #5 Cooper Mk.V.  Bill Breeze is listed as the owner of both cars.   From Pg.72:  Kelly won the race, Esherick finished 2nd.

**  The program refers to the Kelly-driven #4 as a "A full Grand Prix single seater race car".

From Joe Breeze:    (12-9-07)

"BTW, that really is my dad on the R/T cover.  I recognize him.  I know what Joe Esherick looks like -- he was my godfather.  The photographer must have shot this during practice laps or something. 

I was the last of five kids for my dad, and he wasn't one to blab about what he'd done with his life.  I didn't learn about this cover shot until 1977, when a friend told me about it after seeing it  "on the cover of R/T 25 years ago". 

I didn't know dad had anything to do with founding SCCA in California (circa 1950) until I was going through his effects after he died in 1980.  I think it was etched on a SCCA dashboard plaque."

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