From Joe Breeze:  "Internationally acclaimed architect, Joe Esherick, with teammate Russ Kelly at Pebble Beach in 1952.  Joe drove this white Cooper F3, #5. Kelly and Esherick finished 1st and 2nd in the FIII race, which was run concurrently with the Del Monte Trophy race.

The woman in the photo is Kelly's wife, Kayla.  Paul Clark, owner of these four Cooper photos, is the son of Kayla and Russ Kelly.  When the  Kellys divorced, Paul Kelly was put up for adoption and raised by the Clark  family in Novato, California.  It wasn't until only a few years ago that Paul
learned that he had a full sister (the Kellys had remarried) and  learned who his father was.  Russ Kelly died in 1968.

From his sister Paul Clark has many fine photos of early West Coast sports car and motorcycle races.  If you have stories about Russ Kelly, Paul Clark would like to hear from you.  His email address is: 
                                                                                                               (Photo courtesy of Paul Clark)

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