John "Bat" Masterson

was a solid West Coast competitor from 1955 through 1965.  He returned for another career in historic racing from 1979-1989.

On November 11-12, 1961 he appeared at Cotati in this very pretty, blue Porsche RS60.  Masterson did well at Cotati, winning class "E" modified and finishing 8th against a strong field.

The next year, he almost won overall at San Luis Obispo but was nipped at the finish line by Frank Monise in a Lotus 23.

Video!   Masterson in the RS60 at Santa Barbara in May, 1962.   Movie #1   Movie #2

Masterson battles Dick Brashear at Del Mar in December, 1961.

Brashear drives the ex-Von Neumann Ferrari Testa Rossa #0710.

Masterson drove heavy iron for years.  His Kurtis-Chevrolet and Victress-bodied "Batmobile" Special entertained spectators and made indentations on haybales up and down the West Coast.

Masterson in the Kurtis leads Don Hulette in his cowl-less Jaguar-Chevy out of Turn 9 at Santa Barbara in September, 1961.  This was his last appearance in the Kurtis.

New!   Masterson's 2nd career -- HWM-Chevy!!!

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