Gary Lucas -- 1915 Ford Model T

Imagine how scary the "riding mechanic's" ride was pre-WW1 with no safety refinements whatsoever.  For that matter, I bet it's a wild ride today!   Lucas finished 21st.

From the "Infineon Raceway" website:

"Tiburon's Gary Lucas will pilot the oldest entry in the field with his 1915 Ford Model T.  Lucas, who has been a firefighter in San Rafael for 30 years, has owned the vintage car for more than 20 years. Lucas has also competed several times in The Great Race, a 14-day, cross-country trek, in his Model T.  Lucas' father, who owns a 1922 Ford Speedster, is also passionate about vintage cars and serves as his son's riding mechanic, including manually pumping oil and gas throughout the race."

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