R. Goldsmith -- 1958 Lotus Mk.11 / M. Malone -- 1958 Lotus Mk.15

By Lap 6 the Lister challenge has faded and Goldsmith is under attack by a new contender, Michael Malone in the 1960cc. (not) ex-Don Orosco 1959 Lotus Mk.15.

From Vince Howlett, Victoria, B.C:                                                     6-25-07

"I emailed Mike Malone about his race at Sears Point a few weeks ago in his Lotus 15 (see below) and here is his response.  It is not the ex-Don Orosco car as you said on your website, Tam, but another one that Mike has had for a while.  Great photos, thanks!

From Michael Malone:

"Let me address your questions; Sears was a blast, as on Sunday I started on the pole, but about three cars got by me at the start including Pete Lovely.  I was following Pete, closely, and he spun in the carousel.  Couldn't believe Pete was spinning in front of me!  I, too spun to avoid him and ended up 13th by lap 2!  So, the victory was not easy and attests to a fine car! 

My car is #620 series 3, I believe the last 15 made and was Innes Ireland, factory car.  I bought it in the UK several years ago and raced it there.  I did take 5th in Class and a Team 2nd at The Classic LeMans last summer and a 1st at 6 Hours at SPA. 

Don still has his car which packs a very powerful 2.5 liter engine.  Can't say I would need that, my car goes plenty fast for me!!"

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