Jerry Titus -- Cheetah-Chevy

The Cheetah was built by Bill Thomas with Chevrolet parts as a Cobra-beater.  It was a potent car but never made it to production where it could have challenged the then all-conquering Cobras for GT honors.  Still, it did well as an all out modified racer.

Here's Jerry Titus in the factory-entered car at the April 25-26, 1964 Riverside USRRC.  Titus was an early contender but DNF'd.  Fred Yeakel races a Cheetah in Historic Races today.

From longtime pro racer Davey Jordan:     (2-10-06)

"In your photo description of Jerry's accomplishments, there is one you could add. Not many people know that he attended the Juilliard School of Music in NYC , and played the trumpet before he found out about Sports Cars."

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