Bob Montana's McKee-Plymouth 426 "Hemi"

Bob Montana was a Plymouth dealer in Phoenix, AZ, which explains his apparent obsession for "Mopar" (Chrysler Co.) power- plants.  He first drove a Lotus Mk.XI with, of all engines: a Plymouth Valiant "Slant Six" (Link to an excellent technical article on this interesting car on the "Lotus Eleven" website).  The "Slant Six" was quite a good motor (Your webmaster learned to drive in a Slant-Six powered Dodge Lancer), but was mainly used to power the Plymouth "Valiant" and Dodge "Lancer" compacts.

Montana's next ride was a Cooper Monaco (!) also powered by a "Slant Six".  The "Cooper-Valiant" was very clean & well-engineered and was fairly successful on the amateur level.  And then...

For 1965, Montana took the final step up in "Mopar" power -- the legendary 426 "Hemi" engine.  He put the immensely powerful but huge and heavy engine into a US-built McKee chassis and went pro racing.  Like both of Montana's previous cars, the McKee-Plymouth was metic- ulously prepared to near Concours standards. 

Montana thundered home to 14th place at the May 2, 1965 Riverside USRRC event.

Trailing Montana is #33 The "Dixon Cadillac" entered Cheetah

The "McKee-Plymouth" Today!

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