Budd Clusserath's McKee M.6-Chevy (Former "Mystery Car")

This car doesn't appear in the race results from the Oct. 30, 1966 Riverside CanAm event.  Can anyone identify this car ? driver?  As usual, the website's audience jumped right on this mystery amd solved it.

From website visitor Bruce Dabney:  

"I'm pretty certain the Martin Hill photo of the red #64 CanAm car shows Budd Clusserath's Mk6 McKee Chevy. I used to see him race in the midwest in the early to mid 60s;  he ran a red #64 Cheetah, which he got at the same time as his pal Ralph Salyer got his blue one.  Then Salyer went to a McKee Mk6 (blue), and Clusserath got this one. I saw it come up for sale within the last couple years."

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