1966 Riverside Can-Am

1966 was the first year of the fabled CanAm championship.  The California fall pro races became part of the series.

Phil Hill in #65 "high-wing" Chaparral 2E-Chevrolet leads Graham Hill in #3 Lola T70-Chevy and Chris Amon in the red factory-entered #5 McLaren- Chevy.  The #16 car is George Follmer in another Lola T70-Chevy. 

John Surtees won the race in his red Lola T-70 with Chaparral team leader Jim Hall 2nd in another Chaparral 2E.  Phil Hill DNF'd after only seven laps with overheating.  Both Amon and Bruce McLaren DNF'd in their red McLaren- Chevys.  

Follmer finished 5th behind Graham Hill (3rd) and Mark Donohue (4th), also in Lola T70-Chevys. 

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