Can Am Action From Riverside, 1966

Imagine the thunder as a herd of 650 bhp V8-powered CanAm cars rampage through Riverside's Turn 7 during the Oct. 28-29-30, 1966 event.

#5 is Chris Amon in a McLaren Mk1B-Chevrolet; #91 is Skip Scott in a McLaren Mk1B-Chevrolet; I can't identify the white car, or the blue car following.  Mark Donohue in Roger Penske's Sunoco Lola-T-70-Chevrolet crests the hill.  My guess is that Amon ? Donohue are lapping the other three.   Donohue finished 4th, Scott finished 17th, and Amon DNF'd in the race.

From website vistor Bill Lee:

"I'll make some guesses about the picture of the 5 Can Am cars rounding the turn.  I think the Blue Lola is Mario Andretti driving the third Mecom car, #1.  I think he blew up the motor in that race.  The white car is tougher. I think it is either the white Lola of Denny Hulme or Bob Bucher.  My guess is Hulme due to the white headlight cover and the extended lip on the rear spoiler "

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