Doug Hooper -- "Animal" Corvette Special

Can anyone offer more info on this car, driver (Doug Hooper?) and venue?   Historian Ron Cummings identifies this car as Chuck Lamb's "Animal" Special.

Something tells me this isn't a real Stingray.  Doug Hooper usually drove the "Animal".  (I don't think Bill Krause had an orange helmet.)
From historian Ron Cummings:

"Chuck Lamb built the Animal and I met him at the Riverside race that Hooper won with the car. I think it was Corvette based, but I am not sure. Lamb disappeared from racing for many years. He later bought Bill Cuddy's McLaren M12 or M8 and built it into 'The McLaren From Hell' that Follmer raced in vintage racing up to two years ago. Follmer refused to ever drive that car again!"

"If you look at the Animal photo closely, you will see what looks to be 'Chuck Lamb'
painted on the car as the owner.  Hooper's name is taped over, suggesting that someone else is behind the wheel."

Another look at the "Animal".  The helmet makes the driver here look more like Bill Krause.

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