Miles Gupton -- Porsche Special

Here's Gupton at Willow Springs in 19??.  This car's resemblance to a Lotus Mk.19 came up in the discussion of some months ago. 

(3-31-05)   From historian Ron Cummings:

"I knew Miles Gupton. The car, in the Martin photo, started out as the original Hans Adam Platypus. Hans modeled the Platypus chassis after the PAM Automotive Merlyn that they had been racing, with a Corvair motor. I watched Hans build the first Platypus frame on two saw horses using only a tape measure, hacksaw, and gas welder. The Merlyn frame was sitting on a pair of saw horses next to the new frame.

Hans used larger tube material because of cracking in the old car's frame. This Platypus started out with Gupton's Porsche Spyder motor. Miles later bought a spare Lotus 19 body from Jack Nethercutt and installed that body on the car. He then installed one of those little Oldsmobile ( BOP ) aluminum V8 motors. He  later installed a Ford 'Small Block' motor. For some reason Miles kept changing the name of the car with each upgrade. Miles and Denny Harrison traded off rides with the last configuration.

I will try to locate some of the other names for the car. One thing that I used to kid Miles about was, he advertised the car as a Lotus 19 when he finally attempted to sell it."

(5-4-11)   From Robert Graham:

"When it had the Porsche engine he called it "The Platypus Porsche" and "Porschemitderasschoppedoff", all one word, which he had lettered across the back, under the spoiler.

Below is a decal I made for him and the Platypus Porsche he raced for Hans Adams at PAM Automotive. It's on an old tool box I used at the time. It shows a helmeted Platypus with a Carrera engine in the back.  : )"

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