Evan McGreevy's Photos

Website visitor Evan McGreevy contributed these photos of his father's Ferrari Monza and a Maserati 200SI.  Both cars have Kansas histories.

"The Ferrari is a Monza that my father bought in 1959 or 1960.  The car was shipped to New Orleans and he drove it from there back to his house in Kansas City.  This car looks like the one you have photos of at Caltech in 1957.  He owned the car for a couple of years. By then it was an old racecar.  At the time he was racing a Lotus 11 in the midwest.  The Ferrari was only taken to car shows.  He sold the car to some guy who installed a small block chevy.  My father and I saw the car, restored with the correct 3-liter 4-cylinder engine at the Monterey Historics in the late 1980s."
Historians Michael T. Lynch and David Seielstad discussed this car and David decided that this Monza was #0496.

"I am certain that the McGreevy Monza is 0496, ex-de Portago,ex-Gary Laughlin, ex-Charles Northrop Peck.  That it came out of Houston, the roundels under the hooks for the hood and rear deck, no door in passenger side and the windscreen which was still on the car when it came to Christian Baverey from Brian Classic in 1973.  Also, when it was at Cognolato's the dented nose was evident.  Remember that de Portago smashed up the nose at Nassau.

0496 was auctioned at Pebble Beach Christie's in August 2000 with commission $776,000. Think it went back to Europe."

"The other photo is of a Maserati 200SI that was taken by my mom or dad at Coffeyvile Kansas in the late 50s.  This is not of a California track but it is one of my favorite race car photos."

(I wonder if this Maserati is the ex-Lance Reventlow car #2422.  Not many 200SI's were painted white.)

From Evan McGreevy:

"By the way, I am restoring a car that was called the California Racing Partnership Special.  The car was put together by Bill Webb and Irv Orth in 1964.  It was based on a Lotus 23 but beefed up to take a 215 Olds aluminum V-8.  I have a photo of the car in its first and only outing with the V8.  It crashed in practice at a SCCA race at the Oregon International Raceway on August 21, 1965. The car was rebuilt by Gus Chofre with a 2 liter BMW engine and raced at Laguna, Riverside, and Sears Point until the late 60s or early 70s.  I'm trying to find some photos of the car as it raced.  If you come across anything I would be interested in hearing about it."

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