Bill Mertz's Ford-powered Special

From Bill:  "I'm trying to track down information on the vehicle in the photos attached."

More from Bill:  "Origins are a complete mystery beyond that it last changed hands only a few years ago in the San Diego, CA area."

:"It has a tube chassis similar to a Manning, though uncertain if it is a Manning chassis.  Roughly formed steel panels, a Nash Healey grille...
"And currently runs a Ford 6-cylinder, though may have had a flathead".

If you have photos or info on this unusual car:   Please email me!

(8-8-22)    From Joel Driskill:

"I can confirm that it is not a Manning chassis, but it does have a lot of similarities.  I wonder if the chassis was built by Jim Larkin?  He made two cars that I know of that had similar frames.  The first one being he "Reynolds Wrap Special" and the other the 'Chukkar'".
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