Mike Fuchs' Ambro-Chevy Sports/Racer

From Mike Fuchs:  (12-27-19):   "This is sort of a “man bites dog” story.  Not the usual Devin body on a…(sports car running gear)…story.  No, this is an Ambro body on a Devin SS running gear story.

I bought a new body from Bill Devin, restored, raced, and then sold the Devin SS.  But I always wanted to build the Ambro, still had the body, steering wheel, some of the frame, so I did.

The history is somewat complicated, and incomplete: Here is the story.  

I found this car throught my vintage race shop in Omaha in 1990.  They knew I was looking for something of this vintage, with a V8 drivetrain.  The car was owned by Leonard Yanke and stored at his Chevy dealership in Pender, Ne.  This was at the time when the mid-engined cars arrived, and Leonard bought a McLaren to race and stored the Ambro.  The title reads: 'Viola Rutherford, Itasca I'll'.  The Ambro had a Bonneville tech sticker on the windscreen, same as the D-Jag that Tom Rutherford ran at Bonneville.  However, when I finally was able to contact Tomn Rutherford, he denied owning the Ambro.  But just look at the pictures: Lots of road rash.  I think someone out there must remember this car and have pictures and race reports... I hope!"

If you have any info on the early history of Mike's car:     Please email me!

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