Ralph Bohen -- Austin Healey / Ernie McAfee -- OSCA 1500 

Can anyone ID the blue Austin Healey's driver?   #131 is an OSCA owned and usually driven by Ernie McAfee.   To comment on this photo:    Please email me!

(2-28-10)  From longtime racer Stephen Griswold:

"I see that the Healey has Washburn Engineering painted on it. Phil Washburn had a prep shop in Oakland and had a I believe an Oakland policeman who from memory was named Ralph Bohen (or similar sounding) who raced his Healeys.  Phil also raced himself so this could also be his own car.  The OSCA is the Ernie McAfee car they called "The Whale" a 1500ccTN ."

(7-31-10)  From OSCA owner Elad Shraga:

"Unfortunately your ID of the OSCA in the picture is incorrect.

The car in the picture is not the ex-McAfee driven chassis #1169 nick- named "the whale".  The back section of the unique bodied #1169 is significantly more upright and elongated. The midsection of  "the whale"  is also very different then the car in the picture.  Moreover, the cockpit is not the same as #1169.  The car in the picture is most likely the Tim Considine car, a 1500TN bodied by Morelli.

As the present owner of #1169 I'm eager to see its history -- and that of any other OSCA -- represented accurately."

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