Paul Reinhart -- 2

Peter Darnall shot these photos at the 2005 "Wine Country Classic" at what was then called "Infineon Raceway".  He also contributed the information below.

From Peter Darnall:  "The purple and orange livery relates to the Union Oil Company and specifically to their premium motor oil, Royal Triton. These were the colors Paul chose which related to his business. He owned a Union 76 station in Oakland at the time.  As you noted, Paul had great success racing the Corvette back in the day. Rumors circulated that he had some sort of secret sponsorship from Union Oil. He assured me that he never had any monetary or mechanical assistance from Union Oil. In fact they threatened to sue him for stealing their company logo and colors!"
More from Peter:  "When Paul decided to come back to racing a few years ago, he tried to find a suitable car. He felt the prices were far too high and had almost given up looking. By chance, he came upon a small ad in the San Francisco Chronicle offering  a Corvette for a reasonable price. He made an appointment to see the car and was very disappointed in the general condition of the car on first sight.  Closer inspection revealed an unbelievable surprise—the sadly neglected  car was in fact his old race car. The Corvette had been repainted at some point and was missing a lot of the bits and pieces from the race days. He bought the car on the spot and restored it to its original specs for vintage racing."

Yet more from Peter:  "I enjoyed the time I spent with Paul in the paddock at Infineon. When he told me the story of finding the Corvette through a used car ad, I thought he was pulling my leg. He assured me it was true and then added that he bought the car on the spot for a suspiciously low price. His comments on the restoration were full of wry humor. In summary, he remarked that it was a lot harder (and more expensive) to put the car back in race trim a second time."

Paul Reinhart passed away on October 14, 2022
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