Robert Kellerman's Model of the "Sting GW1"

Robert Kellerman from Germany has finished this 1/12 scale model of the "Sting GW1" now being campaigned in historic CanAm races by Mac Archer.

Robert's beautiful 1/12 scale model of the Sting.

From journalist, photographer & historian Pete Lyons:   "The "Sting" was designed and built by John Collins for driver Gary Wilson in 1974. In my books I call it the last-ever Unlimited Can-Am car. It's sort of a McLaren-style chassis with Porsche-style bodywork. It only ran two races before the series died early that year." 

Gerald Tune's photos & memories of the "Sting" from 1974.

Robert's "Sting" model early in its construction.  Eric Bernhard & Mac Archer have a request re: the "Sting" CanAm car:

                 "I just learned from John Collins that the Sting actually was in a third race. Two
                 weeks after it finished the last Can-Am at Road America in 1974, and after
                 John quit working for Gary Wilson, the car went to a race at Vacaville. All John
                 recalled, not having been there, was that the car broke a stub axle in the
                 transaxle. So the car must have passed tech and run at least once that
                 weekend. If anyone has or comes across any Vacaville information from July -
                 August 1974, we would be very interested. " 

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