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Harry Heuer and the Scarabs

In October, 1961, Harry Heuer brought his "Meister Brauser" Scarab to California to run the two west coast professional races.

These amazing cars were built by Troutman-Barnes for Woolworth heir Lance Reventlow.  He and ace driver Chuck Daigh raced the three cars in 1957-58.   The Scarab's greatest triumph was Daigh's victory in the 1958 Riverside GP.  He defeated Phil Hill in the Ferrari 412-MI and a full field of local, national, and European stars.

John McCann's photos of the 1958 L.A. Times GP at Riverside.  (With excellent unpublished Scarab photos.

In 1959 Reventlow sold two of the Scarabs to the "Peter Hand Brewery" and retained the third for his personal transportation.  The Brewery raced the cars as "Meister Brausers" to publicize their beer of that name.   Heuer drove one of the Scarabs, and hired another midwestern beer scion, Augie Pabst, to drive the other.

In 1961, Heuer sold off one Scarab and ordered a new car,  a front-engined Chaparral, which he raced as a "Meister Brauser" in 1962-63.  The new car's debut at Riverside was spoiled by a blown engine in practice/qualifying.

Video!  Match race between Heuer in the Scarab and Bob Carnes in his supercharged Bocar Stiletto.   This special event took place at Continental Divide Raceway in Colorado in 1960.   

New!  Tom Schultz 's excellent book:  "Meister Brauser  Harry Heuer's Championship Racing Team".

Harry Heuer at Laguna Seca, Oct. 21-22, 1961, in "Meister Brauser" colors.  He qualified 12th and finished 11th (combined result after two 100 mile heats).

See Preston Lerner's excellent book for a detailed history of these cars.

One week earlier...

Heuer rounds Turn 6 at Riverside during the Oct. 15, 1961 "L.A. Times Grand Prix".

He qualified 7th, then finished 12th in this race.

Heuer at Riverside's Turn 8 late in Friday's qualifying session.

This photo gives a good look at the 1.1 mile back straight leading to the banked Turn 9.

Link:  Don Orosco's Scarab at Laguna Seca in the 1990s!

(6-15-07)    New Scarab Photos!

From Bill Kreuger:     (10-29-06)

"You say that Lance and Chuck Daigh raced the two Scarabs and that Lance reserved the third for his personal use.  It is pretty well documented that the car that Lance had converted for his personal use was the first car built and also the only one of the three built as a left hand driver.  It was the car that he usually raced (#16).  Lance raced car # 3 at Riverside along side Chuck because he had wrecked # 16 in practice and took over the car assigned to Bruce Kessler for the race.  The two Scarabs started on the front row with Phil Hill's Ferrari 412MI between them. 

The third car was rarely raced as it was generally needed for parts for the other two cars and was completely rebuilt by Dick Troutman after it was severely damaged (nearly cut in half by a tree some years later).  It belongs to the Collier Museum back east now. It has a wider nose than the race cars because Troutman forgot that they had taken a 6" pie-shaped piece out of the front of the cars when they found that they looked too wide initially.  Augie Pabst owns the second car built (Chuck's #5 from the Riverside win) that he got for a song (some say around $500) in the Meister Brauser bankruptcy sale."

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