Pre-War Cars

Always photogenic, the Pre-War entrants put on their usual fine show at Sears Point.

Sliding around Turn 7 on little more than bicycle tires:  #8, Carla Marvin in the 1920 "Fall 8 Sprint";  #17, Brian Blain in his 1916 National, with riding mechanic ?????;  #44, Gary Lucas in a 1915 Ford Model "T" racer;  and #81, Bruce Hudkins in another Ford Model "T" racer, this one from 1922.

Imagine being a riding mechanic under the primitive conditions of WW I era racing.

Gary Byrd in #25, a 1925 Vauxhall 30-98, leads Terry L. Larson in #56, a 1933 Sprint car, and #35, Dave Olson in his 1935 MGQ "Brooklands"  into the esses.
A closer look at #17, Brian Blain's 1916 National, with courageous riding mechanic ????? hanging on for dear life.

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