Don Stark's Sears Point Photos

Don raced his Elva Mk.6 at the "Wine Country Classic" in 2001 and contributed these photos & info.

"I noticed that you have a picture of a Lister/chevy followed by a Lotus 11 and then an Elva Mk7 and a Lotus 23.  You just missed me as I am leading that pack and managed to keep the Lister behind me for 4 laps until I figured they were getting frustrated not being able to get around me and I wasn't pulling out that much so I let them all by.  By the way, I don't think John finished 5th that day as a lap or so after I let him by, he spun in turn 7 and never passed me again.  The Elva Mk7 had Thor Johnson driving, the Lotus 11 was Pete Lovely and the Lotus 23 had Skip Quain."
"A large group on the parade lap. My Elva was S/N 6001, the first made and it had a great racing history and was a beautiful restoration as well.  It came in second overall to Graham Hill in a Ferrari Testa Rossa in the Boxing Day race, Dec. 26th 1961.  The first race for the Mk6.  It also won its class at the Nurburgring 1000K race in 1962.  It then won a regional championship in the SF region of the SCCA with Bunny Ribbs. 

It was a great car and was restored by Burt Skidmore of Intrepid Cars.  I got to race with Pete Lovely and David Love many times.  David tought me what vintage racing was all about.  I was hounding him in the corners at Thunderhill and then he would pull me on the straight.  I passed him once going into the 180 deg. turn at the end of the back straight and then he passed me back about the start finish.  Then when I passed him again the next lap, he let me go and I managed to pass the Parkinson Special for the win that day.  We could have continued swapping places but he was nice enough not to hold me up and let me do my thing.  He's one heck of a nice guy."


"A picture of Willow springs from 1966 that is amazing if you've seen the place recently.  There wasn't anything there except a timing tower and some blacktop and then the track.  I went through a 1/2 day school at Jim Russell there in '66".
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