The Sorrell-Larkin Special  (1)

After Don Hulette crashed and burned his Lister-Chevrolet during the 1960 L.A. Times GP  at Riverside, Bob Sorrell ended up with the wreck.  Bob took the car back to his shop in Westchester, where he and Jim Larkin shared space. Sorrell thought that with some modifications to the frame, brakes and power, the car could still be a contender. 

Eric Hauser, a well-known driver, was unable to qualify the "Sorrell-Larkin Special" for the "L.A. Times Grand Prix" at Riverside on Oct. 15, 1961.

New!  Mike Larkin sent me another photo of the Sorrell-Larkin car.

Also New!  Mike Larkin & Ron Cummings recount the Story of the "Sorrell-Larkin Special"!

At Riverside on March 4, 1962 the Sorrell-Larkin Special crashed and burned spectacularly in Turn 1.

The driver, local stock car hero Bob Johnson, was unhurt.

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