Bob Harris -- Campbell Special-Chevrolet

Bob Harris in the Campbell Special led early, but DNF'd.   The Campbell Special was one of the first successful Chevy V8 powered mid-engined sports/racing cars.  Harris qualified 15th for the 1961 Riverside GP.  He finished 13th after fighting a magneto problem for most of the race.

On September 3rd, 1962, Harris crashed at the modified Santa Barbara airport circuit.  As today's kids would say -- he got "major air" in a spectacular flying, spinning rollover.

The car was rebuilt by Campbell and raced in 1963 by Jim Parkinson

8-22-05:  The Campbell Special, owned, restored, and driven, by Tom Mittler re-appeared at the 2005 Monterey Historics!

New!  (1-14-09)   Photos From Bob Harris's Personal Collection

Movie #2!   Harris in action at Santa Barbara in May, 1962.

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