Tom Piantanida's Photos --  Texas Can-Am  (11-9-69)

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Denis Hulme -- McLaren M8B-Chevrolet 
Mario Andretti -- McLaren M6B-Ford "429er" (1) 
Mario Andretti -- McLaren M6B-Ford "429er" (2)
Jim Hall's Chaparral 2H-Chevrolet  (1)
Jim Hall's Chaparral 2H-Chevrolet  (2)
Peter Revson -- Lola T163-Chevrolet
George Eaton -- McLaren M12-Chevrolet 
Jo Siffert -- Porsche 917PA
Roger McCaig -- McLaren M6B-Chevrolet
Rich Galloway -- McLaren M6B-Chevrolet
Chris Amon's Ferrari 612P
Mario Andretti's McLaren- M6B-Ford "429er"
Peter Revson's Lola T-163-Chevrolet
Can Am Garage -- ????
Jo Siffert -- Porsche 917PA
Denis Hulme -- McLaren M8B-Chevrolet 
Denis Hulme
Bruce McLaren -- McLaren M8B-Chevrolet  (1)
Bruce McLaren -- McLaren M8B-Chevrolet  (2)
Chuck Parsons -- Lola T163-Chevrolet  (1)
Chuck Parsons -- Lola T163-Chevrolet  (2)

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