Mike Hailwood's Lotus 25-BRM  (???)

From the car's color your webmaster thought this photo was another look at Jo Siffert's Brabham-BRM; but a closer look showed some discrepancies.  One is the red steering wheel, another is the peek at the tops of the numbers (below mirror) compared to Siffert's white roundels.   

Also, Tom Piantanida ID'd the photo as being of a "Lotus 25".  Could this be Mike Hailwood's #14 Lotus 25-BRM?    If this is Hailwood's car he qualified it 15th and finished 8th.  Can anyone help properly ID this car / driver? 

(3-1-08)    From Paul Mackness:  

"As you say, Mike Hailwood's Lotus-25-BRM; the cut-out at the base of the windscreen is a distinctive Lotus thing. There were two entered by Parnell, the other being #15 for Chris Amon."

(11-15-11)   From William de la Riviere:

"The mechanic driving is Ray Lane (he died of cancer a few years ago). My father, Ted de la Riviere, was the team’s other mechanic for Hailwood’s time on the team."

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