Townsend Specials -- 1

Arizona-based Frank Townsend fielded Pontiac powered Specials from the late 1950s through 1970.  Gene Gibson, the current owner of one of the Townsend cars sent me these photos (with, I hope, more to come!) and will fill me in on more of Townsend's racing history.

I love this photo!  Turn 2 at the Tucson airport course in the mid-1960s.  Pete Voevodsky in the Mk.IV incarnation of the Townsend Special leads Tracy Bird in #4 Birdcage Maserati #2470.  The two smaller cars behind are Dr. Bill Molle in the blue Lotus Mk.23 and Harry Banta in his #7 Genie-like "Ferharry"?
Here's the Mk.III version of the Townsend Special.  (This is one cool-looking ride.  I'd love to have this car!)

Don Hulette drove the car in this    configuration to 11th place in the 1964 Riverside USRRC event.

Does it look like a Birdcage Maserati?  With 6600cc. of Pontiac V8 power no Birdcage could keep up with this monster on the straight.

Don Hulette prepares to drive the Mk.II Townsend at Santa Barbara on May 27-28, 1962.  From left:   ?????????,  Butch McDaniel, Don,  Jack Voevodsky and PeteVoevodsky.
See Hulette at speed in the "Townsend Mk.II" at Santa Barbara in "Movie #1".

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