Max and Ina Balchowsky -- Old Yeller III

Can anyone ID the venue, the date, or any of the other individuals shown here?    Please email me!

(2-16-11)   From Allen Kuhn:

"Someone told me that Haskell is the guy with the pipe in the far background. I donít know any of the others. If you find out please let me know."

(1-17-12)   From Jeff Harris:

"The man wearing the wild shirt and standing next to Ina, is my grampa. His name was Carl Heinz Pioch. I'm not sure about the date or anything else about the photo. My dad (John Harris) was kind of a student of Max's. Max kind of took my dad under his wing so to speak."

2-9-12   From Jim Cordero:

"I think this is Santa Barbara. The headlite taping is different from that in the 4-20-63 Pomona photos and the buildings seem Santa Barbara-ish. And Del Mar was a structure-free parking lot. What's that leave? Also note just behind Old Yeller is the left rear of the Campbell special. 

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