Old Yeller III, Old Yeller II, and Two Shelby Cobras

Cars familiar to southern California sports car racing enthusiasts were brought out for the "Viva Las Vegas" shoot.   Max Balchowsky, builder of the Old Yeller cars, was credited with stunts in this film, and he probably assembled this group of veteran SoCal race cars.

Besides Old Yeller III, other cars shown here are: Old Yeller II, an earlier Balchowsky creation, two early model Shelby Cobras, numbers 97 and 98; and with only its finned rear end visible, a real exotic: the Maserati-engined Elva Mk.6 known as the "Vinegaroon".

Two more Maseratis appeared in the film, but neither are shown in this photo gallery.  One was the #33 Maserati 450S usually driven in SoCal events by Chuck Kessinger; and the other was a mid- engined Type 63.  A Type 63 was entered at the 1962 L.A. Times Grand Prix by Harry Finer Maserati for driver Bob Harris (this is probably the car used in the film).

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