Group 9 -- Jim Hague Leads Into Turn 2

The action is non-stop in this class, especially among the lead group.   Sunday race winner Jim Hague of Santa Clara, CA, in Ken Epsman's 5000cc. 1969 ex-Sunoco Camaro leads Jim Click of Tucson, AZ, in his 4999cc. 1969 "Boss 302" Mustang. 

Next is #30 Steve MacDonald of Puyallup, WA, in his 5000cc. 1967 Camaro.  MacDonald finished 2nd in Sunday's final.   3rd place finisher #11 Dan Walters of San Bernardino, CA, in his 5000cc.   Trailing is 4th place finisher Chad Raynal of San Jose, CA, in his 5000cc. 1969 Camaro Z-28.

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