Pre-War Cars -- 1

The pre-war cars run in two groups on Saturday.  Group 1A is for "Pre-1930 Sports/Touring/Racing Cars".  The faster second group 2A features "1930-40 Racing Cars"  Both groups often practice in the morning fog.

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Marshall Mathews' 1923 2000cc. Bugatti T-32 "Tank". Francois Castaing can't believe his eyes as he checks out Ettore Bugatti's bizarre creation.
Graham Wallis in his 1500cc. 1929 Lagonda. Ed Archer's projects a swashbuckling image as he rumbles down the corkscrew in his 1915 Ford.
Jack Goffette in his 6.5 liter Bentley has an Alfa Romeo and a strange blue object behind him. Peter Giddings, unruffled as always, in his 1932 Alfa Romeo Monza.
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