Dr. Ernie Nagamatsu and Old Yeller II in the Pit Area at Goodwood

From Ernie: 

"We just returned from West Sussex, England…and we are back at work and overloaded at the office again …but never any complaints as there are great patients/ new patients… and great fresh energy.  The Old Yeller II is in a container-ship heading for Sydney, Australia for the Tasman Revival Meeting Races at the end of November.  (They are picking up the $$$ tab… whew).

Goodwood was incredible as always…as Lord Charles March raises the bar each year. 

Thursday: This day is called “Build Up Day” as the Old Yeller II is delivered to the paddock… we prep the car with fuel (had to be drained for shipping), connected the battery and change the numbers on the car to #5."

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