Jean-Marc Gounon -- 1959 Ferrari Dino 196S / Ernie and Old Yeller II 

From Ernie: 

"The Rolex Drivers Lounge was spectacular with the entire interior decorated like a WWII Military Mess Hall complete with posters of Winston Churchill and military items everywhere… and tables covered with paper maps of Europe. Outside of the Mess Hall were the legendary P-51 Mustangs and Spitfires along with proper looking pilots and their military crew. The Official Marching Band marches down the track to open the festivities of the day. The race fans are coming and so many we have met before… as they say over and over… “We are glad to have you back to Goodwood”. 

We take the track to test the limits of the car and the competition is the very best in the world as they fly by with incredible speed and skill… watching my mirrors carefully. Our brakes started to grab at the front left which gets our attention… and we finish the session staying on the “black part” (we crunched the entire left side of the car 4 years ago and we are lucky to be invited back by Lord Charles March again). We were off to the Mess Hall for late afternoon tea …after fixing the brake problem."

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