Racing Action at Goodwood -- 2008  (1)

Hugh Taylor in his #26 1955 Maserati 300S leads Adrian Beecroft in his #3 1959 Aston Martin DBR1 and our mis-numbered Ferrari (listed as #10), Carlos Monteverde in #32 1958 250TR.  Ernie chases this group: the maw of OYII gaping wide open as if the big Buick-engined American car wants to devour the smaller-engined European cars ahead.

From Ernie:

"Saturday: Whew…Saturday is the big day for the OYII as it is race day in the early afternoon… good time as the sun can glare in the eyes in later races. The races at Goodwood is like F1 starts which is a standing start … and like historic days at Goodwood… it is the dropping of the British flag and everything breaks loose with smoke from tires and everyone weaving around trying to find their position to the first turn- Madwick."

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