Ernie and Lady in "Period Attire"

From Ernie:

"The signs are posted at the paddock entrances – “No Hawking”, ladies dress smartly, no jeans, no training shoes, period clothing or coat and tie is mandatory”. One time coming from the drivers Mess Hall… I was told to hide the contemporary plastic soda bottle… next time I had a banana and I winked… this is a “period fruit”. This was the day to sign in with all of the required International Driving / Racing licenses and FIA papers for the car as well as to have helmets and uniforms checked. We all go to the Goodwood Estate for the Goodwood Cricket Matches where they present the mandatory Drivers Meeting… much caution is given as a warning as the track is fast and difficult. Tea and sandwiches are served with scones and desserts in the proper English style. We hand out our team shirts embroidered by John Dishman of Pep Supply (we were all “smartly dressed as they say in UK) with “Hollywood Motors” across the back.

We had our own team “Prize Giving” as they call it in UK… with Elaine handing out trophies to Big Erik and Mike. 

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